Violent brawl erupts between diners at Denny's

Eggs over easy weren’t on the menu.

Diners at a New York Denny’s got an unwanted show over the weekend when a huge fight broke out inside the restaurant

Video of the brawl was posted on Facebook by comedian Nick Nack Pattiwhack. The video already has over three million views and has been shared thousands of times.

In the footage, several guests are seen in a heated argument at the front of the restaurant in Albany. A woman in a black shirt then strikes a man seated at a nearby table in his face. Another woman from the back of the restaurant runs over to the group and attacks one of the women.

A huge fight broke out at a Denny’s restaurant. 

(Nick Nack Pattiwhack/Facebook)

That’s when things escalate and two men then start hitting each other, knocking a table out the way and sending dishes crashing to the ground.

Three other ladies are also seen scrapping in the back of the restaurant as guests move out of the way.

Colonie Police confirmed that the fight happened early Saturday morning at the Denny’s on Wolf Road. Authorities told NBC 10 that no ambulances were called to respond to the fight and no arrests have been made.

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