Sydney Leathers messaged Anthony Weiner before teen sext scandal

Before his latest sexting scandal ignited a political bonfire, Anthony Weiner was contacted by an old flame.

His former explicit message partner turned writer and porn star Sydney Leathers contacted the disgraced former congressman in July about his alleged online relationship with a 15-year-old in North Carolina, the New Yorker reported Thursday.

Leathers told the magazine she was contacted by the unidentified teen in May 2016, and then hooked her up with Daily Mail Online, earning the girl and herself a “sizable” payday from the British site when it published a story in September.

“How can I at least make you some money?” she allegedly told the teen, after her initial calls for police involvement were rebuffed.

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Leathers also says she contacted the man she exchanged dirty words with when he was known as Carlos Danger, a persona that became the center of the 2013 sexting scandal — his second — which derailed his bid for City Hall.

“This is super awkward but you need to know something,” says a July 30th message published by the New Yorker, which Leathers, 27, says was her first communication with Weiner in years.

“Have you not learned your lesson?” she went on to say, adding that she hoped the teen’s allegations were true but that they were “another level of f—ed up.”

Leathers ended the note by saying, “She’s talking about potentially messing with Hillary’s campaign. I am kind of pissed to be put in this situation to be honest.”

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The Mail article led to a federal investigation against 52-year-old Weiner for possible child pornography offenses, which could lead to at least 15 years in prison if he is charged and convicted.

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An investigation into Anthony Weiner led to an FBI announcement about Hillary Clinton’s email server in October.

(Bryan Smith)

That investigation reach the Hillary Clinton campaign after the FBI searched Weiner’s computer and found emails from her top aide Huma Abedin, who separated from her husband in August after reports of other illicit texts.

Then FBI Director James Comey told Congress less than two weeks before the November election that his agents were reviewing those emails as part of the probe into Clinton’s private email server.

Despite the FBI later saying nothing had been found to change the conclusion that she should not face charges, Clinton claimed earlier this month that Comey’s move helped lead to her loss.

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An FBI letter to Congress this week said most of the 49,000 emails on Weiner’s computer that were relevant to the Clinton investigation were back-up copies from Abedin’s personal device, and that all of the 12 chains with classified info had previously been reviewed by investigators.

Leathers said after the October FBI announcement that she “feels bad” about having helped bring the scandal, telling Inside Edition she voted for Clinton.

She added she does not feel bad for Weiner, and hopes he goes to jail.

Weiner attended sex addiction in therapy in Tennessee last year, but has now been seen back in New York.

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