Suspect in MTA conductor murder found dead after N.J. standoff

The ex-boyfriend suspected of killing MTA conductor Jacqueline Dicks was found dead on Friday after a five-hour standoff with police in New Jersey.

Cops believe Zire King took his own life while holed up in a friend’s Hackensack home, sources told the Daily News.

The three-day manhunt for King led NYPD detectives to the two-story brick home on a rain-soaked Friday afternoon.

Neighbors and officials said the tense confrontation began around 1:20 p.m. when NYPD and Hackensack officers approached the house.

Cops search for slain MTA conductor’s boyfriend as murder suspect

A woman living in the home told cops that King had barricaded himself in a closet in a bedroom on the second floor and was possibly armed, officials said.

Negotiators attempted to convince the alleged killer to surrender.

“At first, there was a female officer who was trying to have a conversation with the gentleman on a bullhorn. She’d say, ‘Please, I’d like to speak with you,’ ” said Eddie Clemens, who lives in a senior center down the street.

Clemens said cops placed a cell phone near a back door, but King appeared to ignore their pleas.

MTA conductor shot dead in Brooklyn was killed on kid’s birthday

Around 5:45 p.m. the sound of shattering rang out as SWAT team members launched gas canisters through the windows.

MTA conductor Jacqueline Dicks was fatally shot in the head Monday night, sources said.

MTA conductor Jacqueline Dicks was fatally shot in the head Monday night, sources said.

(Tyrone Dicks Family/New York Daily News)

“My husband told me he was inside the house, but I do not know,” said Rose, who lives down the street and declined to give her last name. “You never see things like this in the neighborhood. It’s scary.”

Neighbors described the terrifying moment cops clad in military gear stormed the First St. home an hour later.

“I heard banging and banging and banging. Then they got the door down,” Clemens said. “Once they got it down they went right in.”

Brother of slain MTA conductor says she was targeted for death

A law enforcement source said no gunshots were fired and that King may have ingested something in order to end his own life.

Quiet returned to the residential street after the sudden explosion of force, and cops found King’s body slumped inside a closet.

“We are at peace with this news,” Dicks’ 24-year-old daughter Tatiana told The News.

King, 44, emerged as the prime suspect in the Brooklyn murder one day after he was questioned and released by detectives.

Police believe he walked up behind the mother of six and fired a .40-caliber bullet into the back of her head, sources said.

Zire King, 44, was the prime suspect in his ex-girlfriend

Zire King, 44, was the prime suspect in his ex-girlfriend’s murder.


The weapon he used was later found in the trunk of his silver 2009 Mercedes-Benz.

King picked up Dicks, 41, at work, drove her back to her East New York, Brooklyn, home and killed her in cold blood on Monday night, sources said.

Video recovered nearby exposed King as a liar and the likely killer, police said.

The couple had a 4-month-old daughter and had been dating for more than five years, relatives and police said.

The slain woman, also a grandmother of three children, joined the Metropolitan Transportation Authority only 11 months ago.

Dicks made headlines in the late ’90s because of her relationship with Tyrone Rolle, the infamous “Silver Gun Rapist.”

Dicks was the serial sexual predator’s girlfriend, and she was accused in January 1997 of aiding Rolle in a plot to murder a witness at his upcoming trial.

A funeral service for Dicks is scheduled for Wednesday at the J. Foster Phillips Funeral Home in Jamaica, Queens. Her remains will be interred at Maple Grove Cemetery.


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