Suspect arrested in cold case of slain Calif. Bible-camp workers

A nearly 13-year-old cold case in which a pair of Bible-camp counselors were found dead on a northern California beach — still zipped up in their sleeping bags — might be closed.

Police said they’ve arrested the man believed to have shot 22-year-old Lindsay Cutshall and her fiance, 26-year-old Jason Allen, in the head as the young couple slept on a beach in Sonoma County, Calif.

“Many of us will never forget when Sonoma County was rocked by the discovery of a young innocent couple found murdered on a Sonoma County beach,” the county’s sheriff, Steve Freitas, said at a news conference Friday.

The pair were found on the isolated beach in Jenner, Calif., about 80 miles north of San Francisco, on Aug. 18, 2004. For years authorities followed leads with little to no success.

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That was until earlier this spring, when police in Sonoma County arrested Shaun Gallon for the unrelated death of his brother this March, Freitas said.


Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas said Friday he believes the case is over.

(Kent Porter/AP)

Gallon, 38, had previously been questioned by cops about the Bible-camp workers, but wasn’t officially considered a suspect.

But when he was brought in for questioning for his brother’s death, cops began asking about the 2004 killing, Freitas said. He had “information about the killings that no other person could have known,” the sheriff added.

“We feel confident we have Jason and Lindsay’s killer,” Freitas told reporters.

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Gallon was charged with murdering his brother with an assault rifle, but Freitas said the suspect hasn’t been charged with killing the young couple — who were supposed to marry just weeks before they were killed.


Allen and Cutshall were killed weeks before their wedding.


They had been on a weekend trip from working at the Christian camp in northern California. Freitas said the act was random and investigators don’t believe the suspect knew the couple.

Authorities previously said neither was robbed or sexually assaulted in the incident.

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