Subway service from upper Manhattan, Bronx disrupted by debris

Furious commuters slammed the MTA Thursday morning after debris on the subway tracks slowed the commute from upper Manhattan and the Bronx, the MTA said.

There were no trains on the 1, 2 and 3 lines between W. 96th St. and W. 42nd St. because of debris blocking the tracks at W. 50th St., officials said.

“This is unacceptable,” commuter Alicia Hale posted on Twitter. “This is the morning commute – lives and jobs.”

Downtown trains on the No. 2 line were running on the No. 5 tracks from 149th St./Grand Concourse in the Bronx to Nevins St. in Brooklyn.

There were no 3 trains between 148th St. and 34th St.-Penn Station.

The MTA was advising straphangers to take the A or C trains or the M104 bus between W. 34th St. and W. 137th St.

MTA officials said the debris was found at 7:12 am on the tracks north of the 50th St. Station on the 1 Line.

Workers cut power and work crews responded.

A test ran through the area, at 8:11 am.

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There were no trains running on the 1, 2 and 3 lines between W. 96th St. and W. 42nd St. due to debris.

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Service was expected to resume shortly, but the damage was already done, according to straphangers who took to Twitter. “Literally stuck at 168th Haven’t moved 3 ft in 15 min. & then another train arrived,” Twitter user That New York City Fast Pace wrote.

Another poster wrote, “Hundreds of people stuck at 168th station unable to move.”

Nicholas Sawicki wrote, “Some have life coaches. I have the @MTA to inspire me to get up each morning well before the daily breakdown.”

Navah Maynard wrote, “So glad that the @MTA raised the price of my monthly metro card.”

Another wrote, “You had one job @NYCTSubway.” 

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