President Trump insults Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Stephen Colbert

In that moment, Donald Trump became President of the United States.

The insult comic-in-chief scorched a host of TV personalities in a new interview — branding CNN’s Don Lemon “perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting,” Chris Cuomo “a chained lunatic” and Stephen Colbert “a no-talent guy.”

“CNN in the morning, Chris Cuomo, he’s sitting there like a chained lunatic. He’s like a boiler ready to explode, the level of hatred,” Trump told Time magazine on Monday night.

“And the entire, you know the entire CNN platform is that way,” he added. “This Don Lemon who’s perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting, Don Lemon at night it’s like — sometimes they’ll have a guest who by mistake will say something good. And they’ll start screaming, we’re going to commercial.”

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Lemon, for his part, didn’t issue a retort — but “liked” Time reporter Michael Scherer’s tweet linking to the story.

(l. to r.) Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Stephen Colbert attracted Trump

(l. to r.) Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Stephen Colbert attracted Trump’s ire recently.


The POTUS further claimed the CBS “Late Show” host — who sparked bipartisan outrage in early May with a quip about Trump’s mouth being a “c–k holster” for Russian President Vladimir Putin — was “dying” in viewership before he sharpened his knives against Trump.

“You see a no-talent guy like Colbert. There’s nothing funny about what he says,” Trump said. “And what he says is filthy. And you have kids watching. And it only builds up my base.

“It only helps me, people like him. The guy was dying. By the way they were going to take him off television, then he started attacking me and he started doing better. But his show was dying.”

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The President proceeded to brag that his 2015 appearance on Colbert’s show gave the comic “the highest rating he’s ever had.”

Trump also blasted MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough — a onetime ally of the President who now dishes out regular criticism — as someone who “used to treat me great” but “went the other way” after the President stopped granting him interviews.

CBS and MSNBC reps declined to comment when reached by the Daily News. A spokesperson for CNN told Time, “His comments are beneath the dignity of the office of the President.”

At least one network remained in the President’s good graces: Fox News.

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“I do watch Fox in the morning, and their ratings have gone through the roof because everyone knows I’m watching Fox,” he said. “But they’re pleasant. And if I do something wrong they report on it. I don’t mean they — if I do something wrong. But it’s really, honestly it’s the most accurate.”

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