Charges dismissed against Bronx teen Pedro Hernandez

Prosecutors dismissed all charges Wednesday against Bronx teenager Pedro Hernandez, who was jailed for more than one year after being unable to make bail following his arrest in a 2015 shooting.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark moved to exonerate Pedro Hernandez, 17, on assault and illegal weapons possession charges because the case collapsed under an avalanche of inconsistent and contradictory information.

The key witness in the case suddenly stopped cooperating and the victim couldn’t identify who shot him, she said.

“We discovered unanticipated witness and evidentiary issues,” Clark said. “The investigation also revealed that information originally provided to my office during the initial investigation of this case has now proven to be inconsistent and contradictory.”

Bronx det. sued by Hernandez claims lawyers are out to get him

Hernandez, an honors student, was arrested following the Sept. 1, 2015, shooting of another teen in the leg outside a bodega on E. 169th St.

He maintained his innocence and refused to take a plea agreement offered by prosecutors.

Hernandez was freed July 27 after the nonprofit Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights group agreed to post his $ 100,000 bail.

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