Ark. woman arrested after allegedly shooting teen

An Arkansas woman was arrested for aggravated assault after allegedly shooting at a teen she accused of sexually assaulting her neighbor’s dog, according to court documents.

Kerrie Lenkerd told Centerton police on April 17 that she saw the 14-year-old from her window sexually assaulting the dog. Enraged, she grabbed her handgun and confronted him, Arkansas Online reported.

Lenkerd told police it wasn’t the first time she caught the teen — who hasn’t been identified — attacking the animal.

The 40-year-old said the teen tried to flee the scene by jumping over a fence. Lenkerd then followed him with her weapon and shot into the grass to scare him, court documents filed in Benton County Circuit Court state.

Witnesses said they heard a gunshot and saw the boy running away in his underwear and shirt.

Police retrieved Lenkerd’s iPad which she claimed contained proof she had seen the teen performing the lewd act. They also found a shell casing at the scene.

The teen was also arrested for two counts of bestiality, WKBN-TV reported.

Shane Wilkinson, Lenkerd’s lawyer, defended her, saying she was only trying to protect her neighbor’s dog from being abused by the teen a second time.

Lenkerd is free after posting $ 5,000 bond. Her arraignment is scheduled for June 5.

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