Playbuzz quiz tests knowledge on flags and their countries

  • Test your knowledge on some of the world’s national flags with this new quiz
  • Contains some glaringly obvious choices, while others are harder to identify 
  • Its creater has thrown down the gauntlet saying ‘only real travellers can ace this’

Do you consider yourself well-travelled?

Or just good at geography?

This test challenges players to identify the countries of ten different flags, from one side of the globe to another.

The Playbuzz quiz, compiled by Servantrip, offers multiple choice answers which may leave even the most confident globe-trotters second-guessing themselves.

While some of the questions might be straightforward, others are likely to leave you stumped.

Scroll down to take the challenge. You’ll find the answers at the bottom… 




(A) Poland; (A) Argentina; (D) Japan; (C) India; (C) Russia; (C) Germany; (D) Venezuela; (C) Iceland; (C) Australia; (B) Egypt

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