SEE IT: Braves security guard grabs ball away from little kid

If Major League Baseball is trying to appeal to a new generation, this isn’t helping.

Video from Wednesday night’s Atlanta Braves game shows a Braves security guard hurdle into the crowd to eject a fan for interference. The fan had reached over the wall to retrieve a Rio Ruiz groundball down the first-base line in order to give it to a nearby kid. The only problem – it was a fair ball.

The security guard proceeds to take the ball from the kid’s hand in the midst of the ejection. Yikes.

Was the ejection justified? Yeah — interfering with a game will more than likely lead to ejection (unless your name is Jeffrey Maier). But did the guard really need to yank the ball from the kid? Bad call.

Baseball is notorious for its ‘unwritten rules’ and taking a ball from a kid in the stands should be at the top of the list.

The story has a happy ending, though, as the Braves ended up giving the boy a ball autographed by Freddie Freeman, per an ESPN report. The team also issued an invite for the kid to return to a game in June to celebrate his birthday.

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