Rockets’ Patrick Beverley tears up talking about late grandfather

Patrick Beverley was playing with a heavy heart Sunday night.

The Rockets forward learned his grandfather, who helped raise him and his nine siblings, died before their 125-104 Game 4 win over the Spurs.

Beverley, who finished with 10 points and six assists, began to tear up during his postgame press conference while talking about his grandfather.

Patrick Beverley plays Game 4 despite news of his grandfather

Patrick Beverley plays Game 4 despite news of his grandfather’s passing.

(Eric Christian Smith/AP)

“I’m really a strong guy. I can deal with a lot of things but I can’t really deal with anybody suffering. He suffered but he’s in a better place now,” Beverley said as he began to break down. “I try to go out there and play as hard as I could for my teammates tonight, man. Just tell everybody I got to be there for my grandmother. That’s the only man she knew for the last 26 years. I got to be there for my mom and all my cousins back home in Chicago. It’s just tough, man. It’s just really tough.

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“… Everybody know I work extremely hard to prove myself each and every night. To have somebody to support me the whole way, wear my jersey every single day of his life, wear my Russian jerseys every single day of his life, to have a person like that to be taken from you is hard. So hard. There’s a bigger plan, of course. Going to keep my faith and be there for my family. Anyone who has grandparents andothers, whatever, to have them taken away from you is super hard.”

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