Mighty Quinn: May 9

A few minutes after Always Dreaming crossed the finish line to win the Kentucky Derby, Suzy Q yelled, “I should’ve had that horse.”

“I offered you a free bet at the OTB in Valley Stream.”

“Yeah, I know, Mighty, but I never looked at the entries. How’d you make out?”

“Well, Suzy Q, I had to bet Gormley (finished 9th) since my mother’s mother’s maiden name is Gormley.”

“No luck Mighty?”

“Actually, Suzy Q, the day wasn’t a total loss. After finding a penny in the OTB parking lot (“Find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you’ll have good luck.”) I decided to bet my so-called lucky numbers. I played 516 and 965 in exacta boxes (total of $ 24). The 5 (Always Dreaming) and 1 (Lookin At Lee) came in. (Paid $ 336.)”

“La Parma’s (Oceanside), here we come!”

Mighty was waiting on the Cubs on Monday and likes the Cubs on Tuesday. The deficit is 970 sirignanos.

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