Mighty Quinn: May 20

The quote of the week comes from Tom McGee, a beer vendor at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia:

NEWS ITEM — Tom McGee tells KYW-TV that he has stopped yelling “Stella!” at the top of his lungs because stadium vendor Aramark is now having him sell Yuengling Lager. He used to yell “Stella!” because he was hawking Stella Artois, a Belgian beer that’s been replaced by the vendor.

McGee says fans ask him at least 25 times a game, “Where’s the Stella?” He says he had some fun on the opening Sunday yelling “Not Stella” but, these days he simply shouts “Yuengling Lager” with the accent on the second word. McGee says the Yuengling sells a little better than Stella, but isn’t as much fun to yell.

Beny, Beny More: Beny Lynch turns six years old today (May 20). Yipee!

Mighty had no play on Friday and likes Term Of Art in the Preakness ($ 25 win and place). The deficit is 1205 sirignanos.

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