Matt Harvey’s market value has reportedly taken significant hit

Holy depreciation, Batman!

Mets righthander Matt Harvey would only command a one-year, $ 10-15 million contract on the open market right now if he were a free agent, several current and former MLB executives told Bleacher Report.

That’s a fry cry from the $ 200 million contract Harvey hinted at in a 2013 Men’s Journal profile – when the Dark Knight was basking in his rise to superstardom as an All-Star and one of the most dominant pitchers in the game.

Two major surgeries later – and most recently an embarrassing episode that resulted in his suspension without pay for three days from Saturday to Monday – Harvey is reportedly garnering little interest from opposing front offices.

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After staying out past curfew Friday and playing golf the following morning, Harvey skipped out on the Mets’ home game against the Marlins Saturday night without providing the team with proper notice. He was supposed to start Sunday, but the Mets sent him home when he arrived at the ballpark and notified him of the punishment.

This unprofessionalism, along with a 5.14 ERA in six starts this season and his lengthy injury history, has severely damaged Harvey’s value.

“Some teams wouldn’t touch him,” one scout told Bleacher Report.

Harvey will return to the mound Friday night in Milwaukee. He was eligible to pitch as soon as Tuesday against the Giants, but the Mets opted to push him to the weekend so he could avoid pitching in front of what would assuredly be a hostile Citi Field crowd.

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Harvey threw a bullpen before Wednesday’s 6-5 loss to San Francisco in the series finale in Flushing.

“It’s a big hurdle for him on Friday,” Terry Collins said. “The bullpen was fine. It sounds fine. There’s nothing wrong with him physically. It was good to get him out there, and today he was the same Matt Harvey we’ve seen – upbeat and ready to go and excited for Friday. So I’m excited to see him pitch, because certainly he’s got some challenges ahead, and this guy has always rose up when they challenges were there. So I’m anxious to see him.”

Collins made a point to remind reporters that Harvey is still only 10 months removed from surgery to help mend his Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. And he missed all of 2014 recovering from Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow.

Harvey has surrendered six earned runs in each of his past two starts (9.2 combined innings).

“There’s a process,” Collins said. “When you’re coming off surgery like him, you’re trying to relocate the release points, because last year the feeling in (his) fingers wasn’t there. The last start, even though his command wasn’t real good, the velocity came up. So that’s the next step. Now it’s a matter of commanding all his stuff and certainly putting it all together, which I think may not happen overnight. It may take a little while. But we’ve done some research where a lot of guys with that type of surgery, it takes 10 months to come back. And Matt, as he always has, has pushed the envelope and been back before people expected. So we’re hoping that, again, he gradually gets the command of his secondary pitches and gets back to where he was before surgery.”

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