Matt Harvey needs to forget about grievance and worry about image

Matt Harvey no longer throws as many strikes as he used to on the mound, and he certainly shouldn’t receive any more strikes off the field from the Mets.

Harvey famously will become a free agent following the 2018 season, but you have to believe that his latest messy battle with and three-day suspension from the Mets seals the one-time All-Star’s pending divorce from the organization, possibly even before that time arrives when his contract expires.

Without a turnaround on the field and a repairing of his reputation off it — and especially after undergoing two serious surgeries to his pitching arm in the past four years — it’s also becoming increasingly difficult to envision Harvey landing that huge free-agent payday in 2018 right now. And that goes particularly for the Yankees, the team he grew up rooting for in Connecticut.

While many Mets fans still have never forgiven Harvey for being spotted in the stands at Derek Jeter’s final game at the Stadium while injured in 2014, you reciprocally don’t hear as many Yankees fans these days clamoring for him to switch sides. Even if such recruitment used to be just another fun way for the Bronx faithful to further tweak their crosstown counterparts rooting for the little-brother Mets.

Multiple pinstripe followers I know and interacted with over the weekend said to me some version of “no thanks” on Harvey when it comes to the Yankees’ future spending on a free-agent class after next season that also potentially includes the superstar likes of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

Also, remember when the erstwhile Dark Knight envisioned being thought of like Derek Jeter on and off the field in New York, even calling the former Yankee captain “the model” in a 2014 magazine feature for his prowess with women and noting “that’s where I want to be.”

No more than 7 images from any single MLB game, workout, activity or event may be used (including online and on apps) while that game, activity or event is in progress.

Matt Harvey.

(Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Sure, Harvey has continually dated a bevy of models and starlets ever since. But that’s where any comparisons to Jeter end, such a silly notion now that it shouldn’t even need to be said.

First and foremost, though, Harvey must repair his image with the Mets, including manager Terry Collins and teammates who declined to publicly support him after his three-day suspension was announced by GM Sandy Alderson on Sunday for not showing up to the ballpark the previous day.

Harvey needs to forget this miscommunication story being floated by his people and stand up in front of his teammates when he returns to the clubhouse on Tuesday and sincerely apologize for violating team rules, at least the second known time that’s happened, lest we forget the 2015 playoffs.

He needs to not file any grievances against the organization, swallow hard and accept the $ 84,000 in docked wages that comes with his ban.

And he needs to make darn sure, this time, that nothing like this ever happens again in his time with the Mets, however long or short that turns out to be.

No more than 7 images from any single MLB game, workout, activity or event may be used (including online and on apps) while that game, activity or event is in progress.

Starlin Castro.

(David Banks/Getty Images)


The first-place Yankees continue to enjoy the charmed start to the season the Mets only can dream about right now, completing a three-game sweep of the defending-champion Cubs with an 18-inning marathon win early Monday morning at Wrigley to improve to an MLB-best 20-9.

Anyone remember when the Mets “taking over” the town from the Yanks was a thing? That didn’t last long, if it was ever true.

— Should be noted what kind of terrific start ex-Cub Starlin Castro is off to that he is still hitting .355 after going 0-for-8 in that game.

— The Cavaliers and the Warriors are both going to be 12-0 in the playoffs when they meet in the NBA Finals for the third straight year, aren’t they?

— Alain Vigneault really said the Rangers on the ice may have been unaware that the Senators pulled their goalie late in regulation in Game 5?

As famed Seinfeld lawyer Jackie Chiles might say, “Unbelievable, unacceptable, unfathomable.”

— The Nashville Predators are one round away out West of giving former Islanders coach Peter Laviolette — fired by He Who Shall Not Be Named (OK, Mike Milbury) after two straight playoff appearances in 2003 — a chance to reach the Stanley Cup Final with a third organization since his abrupt ousting on the Island.

Laviolette won the Cup as head coach with Carolina in 2006 and lost in the Finals with Philadelphia in 2010. Pretty sure Isles fans would’ve signed up for that resume.


Matt Harvey is currently embroiled in controversy again, so we offer a Top-5 featuring a few fun moments involving the suspended Mets pitcher. (Don’t be mad at the Jeter one.)






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