Does Matt Harvey still have any respect in Mets clubhouse?

With a FanRag report published Monday that said Matt Harvey was visited at his home by Mets security personnel Saturday night and answered the door in his pajamas – after the righthander had claimed he was ill with a migraine and didn’t show up at Citi Field that day – the fallout from Harvey’s team-issued, three-game suspension grew stranger to start the week, and manager Terry Collins was left Monday to answer whether he thinks the rest of his roster still respects the Dark Knight after the latest controversy.

Collins’ response wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of his ace, although the Mets skipper himself did his best to still lend his support to Harvey.

“I can’t answer that. I don’t know. Those are questions each individual guy has to answer for the team. I wouldn’t do it,” said Collins Monday, before the series opener against the Giants. “I know one thing about our society: you make a mistake, you stand up, be accountable, and move on. And you know what? People forget about it.

“We saw what happened in 2015 – when we had an innings limit with Matt,” Collins continued, referring to Harvey pitching that postseason after coming back from Tommy John surgery. “He decided, ‘I’m gonna pitch anyway.’ He went out and 48,000 people were chanting his name in the World Series. So it’ll happen again.”

Matt Harvey likely to make next Mets start Friday in Milwaukee

Harvey’s Mets teammates Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson, both veterans, said Monday that they still have the pitcher’s back, and Granderson even said that Harvey doesn’t owe the outfielder any apology.

“There’s a lot of things that go on that cause a person to be in a situation like that,” said Granderson. “That’s what everybody has to realize, that we all have personal lives. There’s a number of reasons why (Harvey) was not able to show up (Saturday). He knows exactly what that is.”

Added Bruce: “He’s part of this team. We’ve obviously had some success the last couple years, and we’re trying to get to the top of that mountain, and I think that he can be a big part of that.”

Terry Collins says Harvey

Terry Collins says Harvey ‘needs to address some guys’ in the Mets clubhouse.

(John Bazemore/AP)

Collins said during his pre-game press conference that Harvey “needs to address some guys” when the pitcher returns Tuesday to Citi Field, and that whatever manner Harvey chooses is fine by Collins.

Matt Harvey needs to forget about grievance and worry about image

“If he wants to do it in a group, which is the easiest, I always think, or if he wants to do it individually, he can do that,” said Collins, who added that Harvey is scheduled to make his next start Friday in Milwaukee.

The Mets manager, when asked whether or not he oversees a dysfunctional team, disagreed with any public or media perception that says his clubhouse is imploding after the recent imbroglio with Harvey, Noah Syndergaard initially refusing an MRI prior to him going on the DL, and after a sex toy was seen in Kevin Plawecki’s locker stall in a tweet from the team’s official Twitter account.

“Well I disagree with it wholeheartedly. We have gotten where we have gotten the last two years with all of the things that have happened because we have a tremendous clubhouse,” said Collins. “If you’re talking about the pranks guys play on each other, that’s part of the gig here. That’s part of a clubhouse atmosphere. People outside don’t like it, we really don’t care. It’s about our guys relaxing and having some fun. We have a good clubhouse. Understand, you’re never going to have 25 guys that all like each other. But they respect each other and that’s all I want.”

Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon wouldn’t answer a Daily News request for comment on the Harvey incident prior to the game. Although the Players Association has not announced whether or not Harvey will file a grievance, Collins said he knows Harvey’s agent, Scott Boras, well enough that “he’s not gonna let that pass without doing something.”

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