This is the only app President Trump has on his iPhone

It’s no wonder President Trump tweets so much — Twitter is the only app he can get his little hands on.

Trump’s iPhone contains only one app — Twitter, Axios reports.

Top White House officials said Trump’s staff is employing a new strategy to minimize his round-the-clock tweeting.

His staff is trying to pack his schedule so tight that he doesn’t have time to watch TV news reports — which often prompt his rash and ill-advised tweets, Axios reported.

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Many of Trump’s day-and-night tweets have come from the iPhone he switched to in March. He was using an unsecured Android phone when he first took office.

It’s unclear why the very app his staff wants him to use less is the only one that remains on his secure device.

The president must adhere to strict security guidelines with respect to electronic devices.


Members of President Trump’s staff are trying to limit his incessant tweeteing by packing his schedule so tight that he doesn’t have time to watch TV and react on Twitter.

(Richard Drew/AP)

President Obama’s iPhone didn’t even allow him to make phone calls. He once described it to Jimmy Kimmel as the kind of phone “you give your two-year-old” because it had so little functionality.

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It only allowed him to send emails, browse the internet, and view the weather forecast.

Trump’s team’s strategy might be working. His tweets since he’s been abroad have been less frequent, and less insulting than usual.

“Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world,” he tweeted Wednesday.

“Thank you for the warm welcome to Brussels, Belgium this afternoon!” he later wrote.

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The posts are a far cry from his condemnation of an independent investigation into his administration’s ties to Russia, which he called “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” or his seething tweet accusing former Miss Universe Alicia Machado of being a “con,” the “worst” and “disgusting.”

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