Kellyanne Conway’s ‘collusion’ cue cards: All the best memes

Two sheets of white paper, endless possibilities.

Kellyanne Conway went full Carrot Top on Wednesday’s “Hannity” to push back against allegations of Russian collusion — spawning the most fruitful Trump administration meme since “covfefe.”

“This is to help all the people at home,” the counselor to the President said, holding up a pair of cue cards. “What’s the conclusion? Collusion? No. We don’t have that yet. I see illusion and delusion.”

Kellyanne Conway on

Kellyanne Conway on

(Fox News)

“So just so we’re clear, everyone, four words. Collusion, no. Illusion, delusion, yes,” she added. “I just thought we’d have some fun with words. A Sesame (Street) Grover’s word of the day, perhaps, Sean.”

Kellyanne Conway’s ‘collusion’ rhymes stir mockery, confusion

The Trump aide’s visual aids inspired many a Photoshop job. Here are some of the most entertaining:

And here was Conway’s response:

kellyanne conway

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