Liam Fox vows NOT to reduce food standards amid chlorine chicken Brexit row

The International Trade Secretary also vowed to make the “right decisions for the UK” as he visited Washington to discuss Britain’s future relationship with the US.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight, he was questioned over whether a trade agreement between the two nations would lead Britain to lower or change its standards on food.

Dr Fox said: “I can rule out that we will be dropping our standards on consumer protection or environmental protection or on animal welfare.

“These are all perfectly reasonable things for people to look at.

“In terms of where we will be on specifics: By the time we finish a free trade agreement, which could be two or three years by the time it’s concluded and implemented depending on what happens with our relationship with the EU, it’s too early to say.

“But you can say on a general principle that we are not going to be the low-regulation alternative that some people have suggested.”

The leading Brexiteer also insisted he will seek a “British model” in future regulations, batting away concerns the UK will have to conform to US or EU diktats.

He said: “We will make the right decisions for the UK. We will decide for the UK what is best, not what is best for the US, not what is best of the European Union.

“The British model will be the best model for Britain.”

Dr Fox was met with a wave of criticism after it emerged Britain may have to import chicken washed in chlorine as part of a future trade deal with Washington.

The practice is banned under current EU regulations but even Brussels’ own scientific advisers have declared that it is “of no safety concern”.

Dr Fox is downplaying importance of chemically-washed chicken in trade talks, saying that the issue will be brought up at the “very end stage” of negotiations.

Daily Express :: World Feed

Mayweather-McGregor fight to be shown in select movie theaters

Get your popcorn ready.

After a promotional tour that drew the ire of many due to its raunchy nature and racist and homophobic comments, the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Conor McGregor fight has evolved from being a circus act and is instead heading Hollywood.

In a joint venture between Mayweather Promotions and Fathom Events, the highly anticipated bout between Mayweather and McGregor, which will take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, will be shown in select movie theaters across the country, Fathom Events announced Tuesday.

Tickets will be sold at a set price of $ 40. The movie theater broadcast will start at 9 p.m. ET and will be identical to Showtime’s pay-per-view telecast. While the pay-per-view price hasn’t been announced yet, it is widely believed to equal or surpass Mayweather’s 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao, which was priced at $ 99.95.

Mike Tyson says Conor McGregor has no chance against Mayweather

Several of Mayweather’s previous fights have aired in select movie theaters, including championship bouts against Juan Manual Marquez in 2009 and Victor Ortiz in 2011.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. has previously had past fights aired in select theaters.

(John Locher/AP)

Mayweather referenced those fights’ success airing in theaters when discussing the announcement with ESPN Tuesday.

“The buzz that my fight against Conor McGregor is getting has been great already, so what better way to watch this larger than life event than on the big screen? We brought boxing back to movie theaters eight years ago and it was a huge success,” Mayweather told ESPN. “But this event is on a different level and I’m so glad we are giving fans another way to see all the action. Grab your popcorn because this is a fight no one will want to miss.”

For big spenders who want to forgo watching at home or at a nearby movie theater, tickets for the fight at T-Mobile Arena will range from $ 500 to $ 10,000.

floyd mayweather
conor mcgregor

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Kim Kardashian Stole My Initials for Big Business, Danish Makeup Artist Sues

Kim Kardashian Sued by Makeup Artist …Your Logo’s Me$ $ ing with Me!

7/25/2017 6:00 PM PDT


Kim Kardashian has no right to her own initials … in the cosmetics world, anyway … according to the Danish makeup artist who’s now suing her.

If you’re into makeup you probably know the name Kirsten Kjaer Weiss. She says she’s a famous makeup artist, and her line of KW cosmetics and makeup services are hot sellers around the world. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Kirsten says Kim K’s cosmetics logo is confusing consumers. She says the problem is Kim’s products bear the ‘KKW’ logo … far too similar to Kirsten’s ‘KW.’ 

In the suit, Kirsten says Kim’s infringement is “knowing, willing and deliberate” — and it’s intended to dupe customers and screw with Kirsten’s bottom line.

The great Dane wants the court to immediately block Kim from using ‘KKW,’ and to award her all of Kim’s sizeable profits, and to punish KK by making her pay damages.

Conservative 'View' host Jedediah Bila slams Trump's Scout speech

Add the ladies of “The View” to the list of people unhappy with President Trump’s politically charged speech at Monday’s National Scout Jamboree.

The talk show’s conservative co-host Jedediah Bila, a former Fox News contributor, on Tuesday blasted the President’s rambling digs at everyone from the “fake media” to Barack Obama, and criticized the Republican for transforming the event into a campaign platform.

“I didn’t vote for him, and I feel embarrassed,” she said. “I feel like I wake up every day and have to apologize for this guy because I’m proud of my country. But this behavior is insane. He should be humiliated. This is not a campaign rally and he does know the difference, but he doesn’t care.”

The President’s attendance at the annual National Scout Jamboree is a tradition that stretches back nearly 80 years.

A look at Trump’s and Obama’s speeches at the Boy Scouts Jamboree

However, the boy scouts organization is strictly non-partisan — a far cry from the politically charged atmosphere Trump created as he addressed the 40,000 young scouts in the audience.


Jedediah Bila said she was “embarrassed” by President Trump, who turned the National Scout Jamboree into a campaign-style rally. 

(Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)

“Do you remember that incredible night with the maps?” he asked the crowd. “And that map was so red, it was unbelievable.”

Trump continued his speech with digs at Hillary Clinton and Obama and boasts of his election victory as chants of “U.S.A” and “We love Trump!” broke out among the audience.

Backlash came quickly from many parents of boy scouts, who complained on the scouts’ Facebook page, and even prompted a statement from the Boy Scouts of America distancing themselves from Trump.

Boy Scouts of America distances itself from Trump’s speech

The organization maintained that the President giving a speech at the jamboree is an old tradition and “is in no way an endorsement of any political party or specific policies.”

Trump sparked controversy after giving a politically charged speech at the National Scout Jamboree on Monday.

Trump sparked controversy after giving a politically charged speech at the National Scout Jamboree on Monday.

(SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Bila’s “View” co-hosts also had some harsh words for Trump.

“He’s obsessed with Obama still, and Hillary Clinton, and everything but trying to do something in the office” said Joy Behar.

Added Whoopi Goldberg, “He should’ve said thank you and left and let other people talk.”

donald trump
the view
whoopi goldberg
joy behar
jedediah bila

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STASI: Why I want Bill O'Reilly back on TV

Bill O’Reilly back on TV? Seriously?

When I read the story about how O’Reilly and Sean Hannity might team up on Sinclair Broadcasting, I was actually pleased.

How is that possible?

O’Reilly, after all, is a guy who left Fox News in April in disgrace after he and the network paid out $ 13 million big ones to settle his sexual harassment cases.

State human rights officials launch probe of Fox News

Here’s a guy who during his two-decade career at Fox News was harshly unforgiving, even when the issue in question called for heart, not hate.

Here is a guy who is so deep in the right-wing pocket that he and President Trump — who initially defended him (for obvious reasons) — even shared the same attorney, Marc Kasowitz.

Here is the guy with whom I vehemently disagree on almost every topic.

Here is a guy no woman thinks deserves a big payday and an even bigger megaphone on TV, right?

Bill O’Reilly’s next project could be called ‘The O’Reilly Focus’

Wrong. I want him back on TV, and by most accounts I’m still of sound mind and body. (I said “on most accounts,” didn’t I?)

There is no denying that O’Reilly’s off-camera behavior was appalling and disgusting. Remember that offer he made to rub down Fox associate producer Andrea Mackris with his falafel? Sure, he meant loofah, but still. Ewww. Unless you have a fried chickpea fetish, chances are 100% this isn’t an offer you’d accept from your boss. She sued and got $ 9 million for her tribulations — even after Fox hired Bo Dietl to try to dig up dirt on her for her shocking nerve to fight Goliath.

But, I forgot for a second, I come to praise O’Reilly, not to bury him.

See, the thing is, Bill O’Reilly is a great TV talk news host. He’s smart, he’s well-informed, he’s a history buff and an author. He isn’t just some dumb pretty face who speaks from a prompter because he’s too stupid or fact-deprived to make a cogent argument, no matter how you disagree with that argument.

Bill O’Reilly loses job offer at One America News Network

Our columnist says Brian Williams is a greater threat to our democracy than Bill O’Reilly.

Our columnist says Brian Williams is a greater threat to our democracy than Bill O’Reilly.


His off-camera behavior is reprehensible, but remember, he’s TV gold. Even when the sexual harassment claims started coming in, so did the money train, which rolled into the station faster than an Elon Musk Hyperloop.

The truth is that Fox News has always been a filthy den of sexual harassment. The on-camera women dress like escorts and allow themselves to be sex objects first and smart women second. They lived out what pervy, sexual harasser Roger Ailes — and his fat old white guy viewers — wanted: Dumpy guys with bad dye jobs sitting next to adoring, gorgeous young women in skirts hiked up to here and tops down to there.

If you buy the hype you can’t say it’s harassment after the fact. No job is worth a woman’s integrity.

O’Reilly behaved disgracefully off-camera, but he didn’t disgrace his position ON-camera like NBC anchor boy Brian Williams.

Bill O’Reilly says public hatred killed Roger Ailes

Williams tarred every journalist with his filthy brush when he outright lied about being in a Chinook helicopter that was forced down after taking fire. He horribly exaggerated claims about reporting from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and misrepresented his reporting as the Berlin Wall fell. He was Zelig as anchor.

For that, Williams should have been not just sidelined, but flat out fired. Instead he came back on MSNBC as an anchor. And that is a disgrace. This is a man who didn’t deserve to have a second chance.

Sexual harassment is disgusting and must never be tolerated. But a journalist who lies can never be forgiven.

In the meantime, O’Reilly has learned a tough lesson. He left in disgrace and ruined his reputation. Nonetheless, Bill knows how to make great TV and he knows how to stir the pot of controversy.

O’Reilly insists Fox News exit was ‘hit job’ in Glenn Beck talk

He may not belong around women in the newsroom, but he does belong on TV news. If Sinclair can figure out how to solve that conundrum, it will have a winner on its hands.

Stay tuned.

bill o’reilly

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Turkey is STILL a candidate to join EU despite human rights abuses, EU chief admits

EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini praised the “frank and constructive” talks held in Brussels yesterday, while warning that there was some way to go before an agreement could be reached on the stalled candidacy.

She said: “Clearly Turkey is and stays a candidate country.

“Many of our colleagues prefer to focus on the red lines. I prefer to focus on what we have in common.

“We have raised what is very important for us, which is not so much to hear during our dialogue, but to see concrete steps in the field of rule of law, human rights, democracy, media freedom.”

Formal membership talks began in 2005 and despite negotiations grinding to a virtual halt, they are still formally continuing.

EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik said: “Many countries say they do not like the idea of new chapters being opened but the core of relations with the EU revolves around accession.

“The March migrant deal emphasised this. If there is a problem on the rule of law then the answer is to open the chapters to discuss it.”

Ankara has insisted on its right to detain and prosecute “so-called journalists” and “so-called human rights activists” on anti-terror grounds.

The EU and Turkey have clashed since President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s post–coup crackdown where 50,000 judges, police officers, soldiers, academics, and journalists have been arrested.

Turkey’s top diplomat Mevlut Cavusoglu said: “We have not seen enough support from the EU over the coup. Nobody can say there is no law in Turkey.

“There are those journalists, soldiers, politicians who helped the coup attempts last year. They need to also face the sentences that are necessary.”

EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who oversees membership talks claimed he needed to see “a reversal of the trend” towards authoritarianism.

Mr Hahn, who also attended the meeting, said: “The whole follow up of the attempted coup has caused some concerns among member states and that is why member states decided in December not to open any new chapters.”

Manfred Weber, chairman of the European People’s Party in European Parliament, attacked Turkey for “moving away from the European Union’s values”.

He said: “Turkey’s EU accession makes no sense. The EU should set itself the goal of ending the accession talks.”

Daily Express :: World Feed

VIDEO: Todd Frazier grounds into triple play in first home at-bat

Todd Frazier made his Yankee Stadium debut on Tuesday against Cincinnati, his first home game in pinstripes since being acquired in a trade between the White Sox and Yankees last week.

But Frazier’s first at-bat in the Bronx ended in bizarre fashion. With the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom second, Frazier hit a grounder to Reds shortstop Jose Peraza, who fired to second to start a double play. Didi Gregorius, who was on second, initially halted just off the bag, then got caught in a rundown between second and third, and was eventually tagged out to complete the triple play. Matt Holliday scored a run on the play, but Frazier didn’t get credit for an RBI.

Frazier, the Toms River, New Jersey native was also making a homecoming of sorts Tuesday. Frazier was the star of his Little League team when he helped lead his Toms River ball club to a Little League World Series victory in 1998. Frazier got a rousing ovation during Tuesday’s pregame introductions.

Todd Frazier was all smiles before his Yankee Stadium debut

Todd Frazier was all smiles before his Yankee Stadium debut

(Frank Franklin II/AP)

“I had 15 or 20 text messages waking up and everybody is pretty excited. I heard about five, six hundred people are coming from Toms River to (Tuesday’s) game,” Frazier said before the series opener with the Reds, Frazier’s first team. “Couldn’t be more happy. It’s a homecoming. It’s something that you can only dream of and now it’s really truly happening. I felt like a little kid going to bed last night.”

A look at Todd Frazier, Little League legend from NJ to a Yankee

In fact, Frazier spent Monday night in Toms River, at his parents’ home before commuting to the Stadium for Tuesday’s game.

“I got back to Toms River about 4:30 in the morning (Monday). It was a late night. Slept in a little bit. Just basically hung out on my side of the family for a little bit and then my wife’s side as well,” Frazier said.” Didn’t do that much. Had a good dinner. Nice home cooked meal, spaghetti. Basically went from there. That was it. It’s cool.”

Entering Tuesday night, Frazier was batting .235, with eight hits, two home runs and two RBI in 34 career at bats at Yankee Stadium.


First baseman Greg Bird, who had right ankle surgery to remove a bone July 18, was wearing a boot at his locker Tuesday.

Yankees’ Todd Frazier will not wear Paul O’Neill’s No. 21

Bird, who only played in 19 games this season, didn’t rule out being able to play baseball again in 2017, although that would seem to be a long shot at best.

“I went through the shoulder thing,” Bird said, referring to the right shoulder injury that required surgery and sidelined him all of last year. “I don’t think it’ll be anywhere close to that which is great. So far it has bounced back quick and that’s exciting. The thing the doctor was telling me, there’s not an exact timetable. Take the bone out, let the wound heal and progress. It sucks. There’s no other way to put it. I’m just more excited to work towards feeling better and feeling normal if you will.”

Girardi said the team is “encouraged” with where Bird is at this juncture.

Michael Pineda was 8-4 this season with the Yankees before having surgery.

Michael Pineda was 8-4 this season with the Yankees before having surgery.

(Frank Franklin II/AP)


Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda spoke to reporters Tuesday for the first time since undergoing season-ending Tommy John surgery, and the pending free agent said, “obviously the timing is not good.”

Yankees’ Greg Bird: ‘My season is not over’ after ankle surgery

The 28-year-old Dominican, who came to the Bombers before the 2012 season in a trade with Seattle, was 8-4 this season with the Yanks before the surgery.

“I can’t say disappointed, because it’s something that I had not control of,” said Pineda, who switched between English and Spanish. “I feel sad for myself because at the moment that this happens, not only me, but to the team, we’re in a spot where we’re competing. Going down is tough.”

Will there be a Pineda reboot in the Bronx after he enters free agency?

“I don’t know if it’s going to be my last game. Hopefully no. But that is something not in my control,” said Pineda.

Yankees’ Michael Pineda will undergo Tommy John surgery Tuesday

… Girardi said outfielder Aaron Hicks (right oblique strain) and first baseman Tyler Austin (right hamstring strain) “have hit off the tee and will start to take some swings probably in the cage” soon. Girardi said Austin ran Tuesday. “When we’ll get them back, I don’t know exactly,” said Girardi… The Yankees had a moment of silence before Tuesday’s game for legendary announcer Bob Wolff who died July 15 at 96. Wolff called Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1956 World Series.

todd frazier
michael pineda
greg bird
new york yankees

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Reggie Jackson Loves Aaron Judge But 'Half Season Doesn't Make a Great Player'

Reggie JacksonI Love Aaron Judge… But Half A Season Doesn’t Make Him Great

7/25/2017 4:18 PM PDT


Aaron Judge is killin’ it, but don’t go retiring his number just yet … so says Yankees legend Reggie Jackson, who told us the rookie phenom still has a lot more to prove.

Mr. October was RAVING about Judge when we ran into him at LAX —  saying he’s showing serious signs that he could be one of the best to ever do it — but notes, “One half season doesn’t make a great player.”

It’s been a helluva 1/2 season — already racking up 32 HRs (tied for the MLB lead).

But Reggie warns it doesn’t get easier — Judge is gonna have to make some key adjustments if he wants to be one of the greats.

BONUS — Reggie also talks sex at the end of the clip … by accident.

Still funny, though.

Ex-Fox News exec sues network for slander amid harassment claims

A Fox News Latino executive fired after he allegedly tried to force an on-air contributor into performing oral sex sued 21st Century Fox Tuesday, alleging he’d been made a “scapegoat” for the network’s sexual harassment scandals.

Francisco Cortes, the 40-year-old former vice president of Fox News Latino, was fired in October after contributor Tamara Holder, 38, alleged he poured two shots of tequila in his office and tried to force himself upon her, The New York Times reported.

Cortes, in his new suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court, claims that Fox News and Holders’ statement to The Times regarding the incident violated a confidentiality agreement that was part of Holder’s $ 2.5 million settlement with the network.

Cortes said “he vehemently denies” allegations he harassed Holder and that the encounter was consensual.

Ailes’ death complicates Fox News’ ability to defend lawsuits

But he says he abided by the confidentiality agreement, which prevented him from defending himself to the press.

“Mr. Cortes has, thus, served as a useful ‘scapegoat’ (‘Patsy’) for Fox to help it demonstrate that it aggressively handles sexual harassment complaints,” the suit reads.

Tamara N. Holder, a former Fox News contributor who reached a settlement with Fox news over sexual assualt claims from 2015 .

Tamara N. Holder, a former Fox News contributor who reached a settlement with Fox news over sexual assualt claims from 2015 .

(Fox News)

Cortes also notes that the agreement he signed with Holder and Fox News also included the redacted signatures of two others. Cortes’ suit indicates they too must have been accused by Holder of inappropriate workplace behavior.

“These two unknown persons, it must be assumed, were, unlike Mr. Cortes, not Latino, not financially insignificant to Fox, and not without some utility to Tamara Holder’s career,” papers read.

Fox host Charles Payne suspended amid sexual harassment claims

Cortes writes in papers that damages will likely exceed $ 36 million for slander and other claims.

His suit names 21st Century Fox, the media corporation that includes Fox News, as a defendant.

“The allegations in this lawsuit are frivolous and without merit,” a Fox News spokeswoman said.

fox news

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State Dems demand that breakaway pols start acting like Democrats

ALBANY — The state Democratic Committee for the first time is formally calling on a group of breakaway Senate Democrats aligned with the Republicans to come back to the fold.

The Democratic Committee during a meeting outside of Albany on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution demanding the eight-member Senate Independent Democratic Conference either re-align itself with the mainline Senate Dems as a majority or not run on the Democratic ticket “because they are not acting as Democrats.”

“What this resolution does is it encourages more and more people to primary these members,” said state Democratic Party executive director Basil Smikle.

While acknowledging the party doesn’t get involved in primaries, Smikle warned that “either they’re going to make a decision about with whom they should caucus, or the community — the street — will make it for them.”

Working Families Party calls for IDC to realign with Dems

There are 32 Democratic members in the state Senate, enough for a majority. But the Republicans remain in control of the chamber thanks to the eight IDC members who are aligned with them and Brooklyn Democratic Sen. Simcha Felder, who actually caucuses with the GOP.

The resolution, a stronger version of which had been unsuccessfully pushed in previous years by the Democratic committee’s progressive caucus, states that the IDC has enabled “draconian Republican leadership” that has “stymied Democratic values and legislation.”

The original resolution Tuesday that was softened before the vote would have barred the party from providing any resources to the IDC if they didn’t commit to a new leadership coalition with the mainline Dems.

State Sen. Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) caucuses with the GOP.

State Sen. Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) caucuses with the GOP.

(Office of NY State Senator Simcha Felder)

IDC spokeswoman Candice Giove ripped Smikle as a “failed candidate and political operative who has no ability to elect candidates or himself to political office.”

Dems seek unity to give party control of New York State Senate

Giove also tore into the state party for passing the measure.

“The reason why the Democratic Party is losing across the nation and at home is that they are coopted by a small band of misfits who continue to talk to each other in echo chambers and refuse to acknowledge that the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Clinton no longer has the ability to communicate with working-class voters,” she said.

She added that “the Independent Democratic Conference will continue to fight for the working class and espouse the hopes and aspirations of all New Yorkers. Big tent Democratic politics is good government and good politics. We will see you at the polls.”

Mike Murphy, a spokesman for the mainline Democrats, called it “disturbing that the IDC thinks the entire state party, the DNC, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, the entire NY Democratic Congressional Delegation, Mayor de Blaiso, Public Advocate Tish James, Comptroller Scott Stringer and many more national and local leaders are just a ‘small band of misfits’.”

Planned Parenthood disavows backing breakaway N.Y. Senate Dems

“It shows how out of touch and corrupted by power they have become in this GOP coalition,” he said.

candice giove
mike murphy
basil smikle

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