The soaring wedding day cost of guest appearances

As we enter the wedding season, Britons will be bracing themselves for the cost of attending other people’s special day.

One in three will attend at least one wedding this year at an average cost of £432 each time.

The single largest expense is the wedding gift at £85, followed by hotel accommodation at £74 then £71 for a new outfit.

Travel, attending the hen or stag do, drinks and getting your hair done all add to the cost, according to new research from American Express.

The findings also suggests that cash-strapped Britons are cutting back after lavishing £102 on gifts last year, on average.

Weddings are particularly expensive for bridesmaids and ushers, who pay a hefty price for their privileged role.

Bridesmaids will spend more than £650 for each wedding, with the hen do being the costliest outlay at £140.

Ushers pay nearly £900 thanks to pricey pre-ceremony celebrations and more generous gifts with an average spend of £198.

Celebrity wedding planner Mark Niemierko said guests go to a lot of effort to attend the big day and the costs soon add up: “Start planning early, that way you can spend time looking for the best deals, go shopping in the sales, and book travel tickets in advance.”

Wedding planning website puts the average total wedding budget at a hefty £27,000, roughly the same as the average national salary.

Daily Express :: Personal Finance Feed

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