REVEALED: 40 per cent of Britons dip into their savings each month

A poll of 1,000 workers found that 40 per cent said they had to dip into their savings every month after over-spending before payday. 

The survey found that women were the worst culprits, with 41 per cent relying on savings to get them through the month compared to 39 per cent of men. 

The poll, by – which specialise in getting refunds for people mis-sold bank accounts – found that men were worst at ignoring bills, with 81 per cent confessing they regularly let bills build up. 

By comparison, just 53 per cent of women said they ignored bills and waited for final reminders. 

The survey also found that 12 per cent of Brits said they felt their finances were out of control and that just under 20 per cent confessed to splurging on treats on payday rather than paying off bills. 

A total of 27 per cent said they ‘avoided’ checking their bank balances because they were fearful of what they would see. 

The UK’s top five financial bad habits were found to be: 

1 – Taking money out of savings – 40 per cent 

2 – Failing to check that a receipt is correct – 30 per cent 

3 – Not checking bank balance for over a week – 27 per cent 

4 – Leaving a letter from the bank unopened for over a week – 20 per cent 

5 – Splashing out on pay day – 19 per cent 

Carl Millar, the MD of said: “We were astounded to discover how reckless the country is with its finances, with many people often sacrificing their savings to treat themselves rather than securing their future.

“Men in particular have adopted a blasé attitude towards their finances, avoiding their bank balances, and even ignoring bills, which often results in additional costs. 

“We hope the nation is encouraged to reflect on its approach to spending and saving, and is motivated to take back control of its current financial situation, and in turn, future.

“When it comes to our finances, ignorance is definitely not bliss.”

Daily Express :: Personal Finance Feed

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