What is his job? Schulz STILL plugging EU integration after quitting to run for chancellor

The former president of the European Parliament announced he was turning his back on the at a press conference last November.

And after revealing his sensational step down, he also announced he would now go head to head with German chancellor in the upcoming German elections.

But it seems Mr Schulz has become a bit confused about what his current role is – as he is still intent on wading into Brussels matters long after leaving his position within the bloc.

Despite quitting six months ago, Mr Schulz has vowed to continue to “fight for the European project at a national level” in the face of contagion. 

The politician has been vocal over the and issued various statements regarding a variety of Europe-wide issues – from to the

And today he has weighed into the debate yet again as he called for greater EU integration.

He said: “If we want to emerge from the eternal rhythm of meaningless summit resolutions without consequences, we need a strategy of how to achieve more growth and more jobs in the eurozone.”

And he claimed those who “do not want the United States’ protection policy, and who do not want Brexit to win” must be committed to “deepening the Eurozone”. 

The SPD head also said he wants euro countries to contribute money to one common budgets in future, adding: “If the countries of the Eurogroup are to tackle common tasks, a joint budget financing would make sense.”

Mr Schulz added that, in the days of widespread EU criticism, he would actively promote intensified cooperation between the euro countries. 

But he also claimed he did not regret his decision not to take up a ministerial office in Ms Merkel’s cabinet at the beginning of the year. 

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