US to ‘increase its spy capabilities on Kim Jong-un’ with new North Korea bill

The proposed legislation would give the US intelligences agencies clearer monitoring powers over the North Korea’s nuclear weapons capacity, enable early warning systems and assessments to hold Kim Jong-un accountable to the sanctions imposed against the rogue state.

The bill, which will affect America’s 16 intelligence services, including the Defence Intelligence Agency, will give the US legal backing to enforce the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The purpose is “to direct the Director of National Intelligence to establish an integration cell to monitor and enforce United Nations Security Council resolutions with respect to North Korea, and for other purposes”.

In addition, the US bill states its aim is to “identify any gaps in intelligence relating to the monitoring of the nuclear weapons program of North Korea; and provide net assessments and recommendations to the Director of National Intelligence relating to North Korea”.

The proposed legislation comes as reclusive state threatens to reduce the White House to “ashes” with a nuclear strike if provoked.

The reclusive state has also accused the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of plotting to kill Kim Jong-un in a chemical attack.

North Korea has claimed that the aim was to kill their leader during a public event in Pyongyang.

The state-controlled KCNA news agency said: “The heinous terrorist criminal group was discovered which infiltrated the DPRK after careful preparations.”

According to the report, a North Korean citizen was involved in the plot “using biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance” to kill off the leader.

The report said the plot was uncovered and accused members of the CIA of working with North Korean citizens to carry out “state-sponsored terrorism”.

The Pentagon is looking into potential connections between the North Korean hermit state and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

US defence officials fear the two counties have been sharing information on their rogue missiles for years.

An Iranian ballistic missile test in late January was supposedly based on North Korean designs, according to the Pentagon.

Last summer Iran has also launched a missile similar in design to Kim Jong-un’s Musudan missile, one of the country’s most successful weapons.

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