North Korea ‘may back down’ after Seoul gets missile boost from Donald Trump

US President yesterday agreed a deal allowing South Korea to have bigger missiles and new military hardware in the face of ratcheting tensions with Pyongyang.

In a call with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Trump shared the view that “it was necessary to strengthen South Korea’s defence capabilities in response to ’s provocations and threats”, a statement from Seoul said.

On Wednesday despot launched a missile that flew over Japan.

Crucially, however, he has backed down from threats to launch missiles at Guam, home to a US base.

Experts said the move showed signs he is willing to negotiate.

“Kim made what appeared to be a credible threat but in reality may be an offer to place on the negotiating table a willingness to bargain away his missiles – perhaps in exchange for US recognition,” said Raymond Tanter, of the US National Interest think tank.

“Our take is that he wants Washington to treat him with respect as a leader.”

Former British charge d’affaires James Hoare agreed.

“There is no doubt Kim wants to find a way out of this, a way that allows him to save face,” he said. “Kim is not suicidal. He wants the US and the world to finally respect that North Korea is a sovereign state.

“That’s something which has never been officially recognised.”

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