Macron SHOT DOWN: EU chief slams French president-elect’s Buy European Act as 'artificial'

The act is one of pro-EU s key policies and it would restrict access to public procurement contracts in Brussels, such as rail and infrastructure projects, to only companies that have at least half of their product inside the bloc. 

Mr Katainen said: “I strongly believe that Europeans are capable of providing services and goods that fulfil the expectations of European consumers without any artificial rules, which would force people or local authorities to only buy European products without a reason.”

France’s multinational rail company Alstom has said Europe is too open to Asian companies in big public rail contracts, than Asian companies are to EU companies. 

The Finnish commissioner said that the EU as a whole can’t afford to restrict pubic procurement, but there should be a global public procurement system. 

In general terms, the EU chief said that Mr Macron would be good for the EU.

He said: “When I listen to what Emmanuel Macron said during the campaign, he seemed to have been a very active shaper of globalisation instead of building walls around France, so I expect that France will be a strong influencer.”

This comes as Mr Macron has promised to “turn a new page” on Europe after a decade of issues. 

Mr Katainen has been the European Commission Vice-President for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness since 2014. 

The pro-business Mr Macron became the country’s youngest president yesterday after beating Marine Le Pen and winning 66.06 per cent of the vote. 

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