Horror as snakes terrorise Brits at popular tourist hotspot Majorca after holiday CHAOS

Hundreds of horseshoe snakes have been spotted in the Balearic Island, particularly in the north-east of the country.

Since April alone, at least 200 have been captured on the island after being spotted in gardens, dirt tracks and even in the basements of some houses on the island.

And although the creatures are not considered dangerous as they are not poisonous, they are still thought to be very aggressive towards humans.

Scientist Piña Fernández explained the snakes “snap when they feel threatened” and the bite can be very painful. 

According to the local newspaper Mallorca Magazine, some of the residents are so afraid of the snakes that they are no longer going to their holiday homes in the countryside.

The horseshoe snakes are not a domestic breed, and have arrived on the island during the past 15 years because of the import of plants such as olive trees from Andalusia.

And because they do not have any natural enemies on the Balearic Island, they have been able to multiply rapidly.

The Balearic Ministry of the Environment said: “The authority has set up around 200 snake traps. The captured animals are euthanised and studied at the Balearic University.

“Our goal is to study and locate the animals carefully, so as to be able to tackle the spread.

“Meanwhile the reptiles have spread almost everywhere on the island.”

The plague of snakes comes after chaos gripped Spanish holiday hotspots including Barcelona, Palma and Bilbao

Last week, radicals carrying flare guns were seen targeting diners at a Marina restaurant in Palma, screaming “go home” and a number of public spaces have also been defaced with stickers carrying the slogans “tourism kills the city” and “tourists go home”.

However, the protests have not been confined to Spain and there are growing calls from locals on holiday destinations across the continent to bring an end to uncontrolled tourism.

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg)

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