GRAPHIC PICS: Horror as man is attacked and eaten by Rottweiler

Farm caretaker Mani Ram was untying the guard dog called Tiger after arriving at work when it turned on him, locals said.

The violent animal locked its jaws around the 52-year-old’s throat and “choked him to death” before he was able to break loose, locals said.

According to eye witnesses the dog didn’t stop there and went on to “maul his face and feast on the flesh from Mani Ram’s hands and chest for more than an hour”.

Even after the police finally removed the body, it took them four hours to finally catch the three-year-old dog which is now in police custody.

Deputy superintendent of police Jagdeep Duhan said: “Nobody wanted to go near the dog because of its aggressive behaviour.”

The victim was a farm labourer and worked as the caretaker of the business owned by Hardeep Singh.

Mr Singh had kept the dog to guard the place for three years after he bought it for £180.

Mr Ram arrived at work on the day of the attack – April 30 – at 5.30am and untied the dog “as usual” when it attacked, locals said.

The police arrived at 6am but were unable to intervene for fear of being bitten.

Additional Superintendent of Police Chander Mohan said: “We are in the process of getting the beast medically examined about its general condition.

“So far as the victim’s body is concerned, initially we had sent it to Panipat Civil Hospital.

“However, they had no expertise in conducting autopsy of a victim of animal attack, so we shifted body to PGIMS Rohtak.

“We will decide what action to take after we receive both the reports.”

It has been reported before the attack the owner Mr Singh had spoken about handing over the violent canine to a dog charity, Nai Pahal Welfare Society.

Meghna Kapoor, the vice-president of the society, said: “The dog was very violent from before. It was unsafe to keep him with human beings.”

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