'Angela Merkel is INSANE' AfD leader attacks German Chancellor ahead of election battle

Dr Weidel, citing President Donald Trump, claimed the German Chancellor was insane for her open door immigration policy.

She said: “Since September 2015, we have had a policy of open borders without legal basis.

“The country will be destroyed through this immigration policy.

“Donald Trump said that Merkel is insane and I absolutely agree with that.

“It is a completely nonsensical form of politics that is being followed here.”

Dr Weidel added that open borders should have been an “exceptional circumstance” for an “emergency”, not the 18 months the German Chancellor had allowed.

She added: ”Germany needs qualified migrants. The people who have come here as refugees are illiterate, they don’t have any training. Eventually they’ll have to go back, this just can’t go on.”

Dr Weidel said the migrants entering Germany via Austria was illegal and that she is prepared to fight Ms Merkel on the subject.

According to Dr Weidel, under German asylum law, migrants cannot apply for protection if they have arrived from another country that adheres to the Geneva Convention.

She added: “It just can’t happen that the state gives up control of its own borders. That is a contravention of German asylum law.”

Dr Weidel also said the “rules of law” were being breached across Europe.

She said: “On the European level the bailouts [of Greece] have breached the Maastricht agreement, and it’s no bailout clause.

“The ban on bond buying by the European Central Bank has been breached. We are the only party talking about this – this is, by the way, the reason that we were founded.”

The AfD is considered one the youngest parties on the German political scene, having been set up by a group of economists as a protest party against the Euro single currency in 2013.

Daily Express :: World Feed

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