Michael Oher Booked for Alleged Uber Attack, Mug Shot Taken of 'Blind Side' Inspiration

Michael Oher Booked for Alleged Uber Attack… Mug Shot Taken

5/9/2017 7:59 AM PDT

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NFL lineman Michael Oher — the inspiration for the movie “The Blind Side” — turned himself in to police on Monday to be booked for allegedly roughing up an Uber driver. He looked pissed. 

The 30-year-old Carolina Panthers player had been cited over the April 14th incident in Nashville — in which the Uber claims Oher pushed him to the ground and kicked him after an argument about directions. 

Oher had received a citation for misdemeanor assault and had been ordered to appear for booking on May 8th. 

He showed up. He took a mug shot. Judging from the picture, he wasn’t happy. 

He’s due in court next month. 


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