John Calipari Says He Had No Idea Drake Had Made A Shoe For Him (VIDEO + PHOTO)

John CalipariMy Drake Jordans Surprised Me… I Didn’t Know He Was Doing It

5/8/2017 12:35 AM PDT


How big of a baller do you have to be to have Drake make a signature Jordan shoe in your honor, drop the shoe to the public, and never even tell you about it?

Only John Calipari knows the answer to this question … ’cause according to John that’s exactly what the 6 God did with his latest sneaker, and the legendary coach couldn’t be prouder about it.

Drake dropped the Jordan OVO 8 “Calipari Pack” last month, and when we got John out in New York he told us he was utterly flattered, but completely clueless it was happening.

As a matter of fact, Cal says that it wasn’t until some of his players clued him in on it that he actually knew the shoes had been made, but that didn’t stop him from gushing about Drake.

BTW … we also asked how Drake is as a basketball player, Cal didn’t answer. Smooth coach.

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