Genie Bouchard Beats Sharapova After Calling Her 'Cheater'

Genie BouchardBeats Sharapova After Calling Her ‘Cheater’

5/8/2017 2:46 PM PDT

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This one was SWEET for Genie Bouchard — the tennis star beat up on her rival, Maria Sharapova, at the Madrid Open on Monday … just weeks after publicly trashing her as a “cheater.”

Remember, Bouchard said Sharapova should be banned from the sport for life after testing positive for a banned substance back in January 2016. 

As fate would have it, the faced off in the round of 32 at Monday’s tourney and won 2 sets to 1. 

After the victory, Genie let out an emotional victory cry followed by an awkward hand shake. 

Probably more awkward for Maria …

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