Floyd Mayweather Doesn't Listen to Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez

Floyd MayweatherNot a Fan of Taylor, Ariana or Selena… ‘Who the F*** is That?’

9/12/2017 9:05 AM PDT


Floyd Mayweather ain’t no Swiftie, and he ain’t no Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez fan either — that much he made clear in an interview with a puppet.

Floyd sat down outside his strip club, Girl Collection, with the puppet Diego from YouTube’s “Awkward Puppets” series. Diego lobbed up a bunch of pop trivia questions for the champ, but total softballs … like what’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?

Hard to tell if he’s kidding — y’know, ’cause he’s talking to a puppet. He did show love for one singer … naturally. But definitely NOT Fifth Harmony. Sorry, girls.


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