ESPN Star Says The Game Is Wrong About MJ, 'Do Your Homework' (VIDEO)

ESPN’s LZ Granderson The Game Is Wrong About MJ‘Do Your Homework’

5/11/2017 11:27 AM PDT


The Game shoulda done more research aboutMichael Jordan before accusing him of slighting the black community … so says ESPN’s LZ Granderson.

As we previously reported, Game has vowed to buy a whole bunch of Lonzo Ball’s $ 495 per pair ZO2 kicks instead of Air Jordans … partially because he doesn’t feel MJ has done enough for black people. 

But Granderson says Game is simply misinformed when it comes to Jordan — telling TMZ Sports, “Jordan does give back to the community. He just doesn’t publicize it as much.”

Granderson says MJ has been a big supporter for decades but it’s mostly been “on the low.”

There is this … LZ says he respects Game for supporting a young entrepreneur — but when it comes to Jordan, he should do his homework.

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