Bears Rookie QB Mitch Trubisky Drives Grandma's Beat-up Toyota To Practice (PHOTOS)

Bears Rookie Mitch Trubisky Arrives To First NFL Camp In Style … In Grandma’s ’97 Camry

5/11/2017 3:59 PM PDT

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Here’s the best example of keeping it real we’ve ever seen … Bears rookie — the 2nd pick in the Draft — Mitch Trubisky pushing his grandma’s ’97 Toyota Camry to his first pro football camp.

Before we go any further, Trubisky is rich — with the #2 pick projected to have a contract valued around the $ 30 million … so he definitely doesn’t HAVE to push granny’s ride to practice.

So, why’s he doing it? Mitch is keeping a promise to Bears GM Ryan Pace, who asked the new QB to drive his “beat-up” car to his first practice.

Kid’s a man of his word … are you paying attention, Toyota?

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