Aaron Hernandez Lawyers Talking to NFL Agents About Contract Situation (VIDEO)

Aaron Hernandez Lawyers Talking to NFL AgentsAbout Contract Situation

5/9/2017 10:09 AM PDT


Aaron Hernandez‘s attorney, Jose Baez, says his legal team is in talks with the NFL player’s former agents to see how the abatement of his murder conviction will affect his contract with the Patriots. 

There are theories that with the murder conviction erased, the New England Patriots will be on the hook to pay out the remainder of his contract to Aaron’s estate … a number reportedly around $ 6 million. 

Baez says Aaron’s family and legal team are still grieving over Aaron’s death and while they’re exploring their options, they’re not rushing to action. 

As for prosecutors suggesting that Hernandez planned to kill himself in a plot to exploit the abatement doctrine to force the Patriots to pay out his family … Baez says it’s a long shot theory and “I don’t give it any shred of credibility at this point.”


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