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Catalonia independence referendum 'will cause economic COLLAPSE'

Josep Bou, the president of ‘Entrepreneurs of Catalonia’ warns that the secessionist process has meant that Catalan companies have stopped earning 1 billion euros. He warns that if Catalonia achieves independence the region would undergo an exodus of business personnel. And GDP would fall between 16 and 20 percent while unemployment would soar to 42 […]


World War 3: Sweden holds biggest war games for 20 YEARS amid fears over Russia threat

The Scandinavian country has started exercises for 19,000 troops while Russia prepares to make its biggest manoeuvres since 2013. Sweden will simulate an attack from the east on the Baltic island of Gotland, near the Swedish mainland, as part of an exercise lasting three weeks. It comes amid growing concerns from NATO over Moscow’s upcoming […]


‘Sad’: White House MOCKS Hillary Clinton’s new Donald Trump-bashing book

The former Secretary of State this week released her book ‘What Happened’, a tell-all account of her doomed 2016 presidential campaign. The book pulls few punches in criticising Donald Trump, the man who beat her to the White House and who repeatedly called her “crooked” and encouraged supporters’ chants of “lock her up”.  Throughout the […]


North Korea missile could kill Kim Jong-un in just 15 MINUTES

North Korea is at the mercy of Seoul after South Korea carried out a missile test that could potentially take out Kim Jong-un. Seoul stepped up its ability to fight back against North Korea during its first live fire drill for an advanced air-launched cruise missile today. And South Korea’s potentially deadly missile is equipped […]


FRANCE TERROR: Police swarm as 7 injured after man goes on rampage in Toulouse

The man, believed to be in his early 40s, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before launching an attack on members of the public on Avenue Frederic-Estebe. Officers were quickly alerted to the situation by passersby and it took three officers to bring the situation under control, according to French news site La Depeche. One man told local media: “We were chatting […]


BREAKING: Gunman opens fire at school – police on scene

Police have been called to Freeman High School, in Spokane County, Washington, after shots were fired.  Local media is reporting at least six people have been injured, according to paramedics.  All other schools in the surrounding area are in lockdown.   Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed there has been a shooting at the school, […]


North Korea vs USA: Trump ‘making plans to OCCUPY Pyongyang’ as WW3 tensions rage on

Washington’s military experts have been ordered to prepare for the occupation of North Korea if knife-edge tension over Kim Jong-un’s nuclear arsenal spills over into a deadly conflict. Generals and advisers at the White House have been “quietly preparing studies on the aftermath of war with North Korea”, it has been claimed.  And experts are […]


Moscow on lockdown – bomb threats spark city evacuation in terror alert

Around 30 sites are being cleared including universities, shopping centres, and train stations. Authorities claim to have received “almost simultaneous” warnings that some of Moscow’s most popular public places had been rigged with explosives. An emergency services source told Tass news agency: “Twenty sites are currently being evacuated, and more than 10,000 people have been escorted […]

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